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Bringing the world to your plate

Niks’ Fudo connects food lovers in Geneva with local artisans from all across the world. How does this work? We provide a platform for anyone to join, cook and share their own country’s cuisine with everyone else. Each of the meals on Nik’s Fudo are carefully prepared at the Chef’s own kitchen and is then delivered to your doorstep in less than 45 minutes.

This way, you can travel the world on a plate and experience different cultures every day at work or in your own home.

Love to try out new food? Order now on Nik’s Fudo! Love to cook? Sign up to be a Chef now on Nik’s Fudo! Love to do both? What are you waiting for? Join now and become a part of Nik’s Fudo’s Community!


Numbers speak for themselves!

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Great food! Diverse choice, delicious dishes and cooks are super nice and helpful. I highly recommend it!
Ljupka Mitrinovska
It was delicious and smelled amazing! To have it be a bit healthier I would have more of the yummy spinach and less rice, even though I ate it all! 🙂
Atona Damachi

Certified by the Canton Geneva

All Chefs, their kitchen and their food have been vetted by Geneva's health officers.

How to be a Chef on Nik's Fudo?

Do you want to share your country’s cuisine with everyone else? Do you want to make other people happy through food? Do you want to turn your cooking hobby into a source of income?

Simply send us an email to: info@niksfudo.ch and let’s arrange a meeting to talk about it.

  • Casual manner
  • Simple steps
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Detailed guidance
  • Careful inspection
  • Mutual trust

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