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Certified safe

All our chefs prepare meals in accordance with Geneva’s health and food safety standards. Every Chefs’ application is screened; their kitchen, their food are checked by food and health inspectors from Geneva Canton.

More details on ge.ch website (in French).


Enjoy delicious food knowing that with your support, you are empowering local artisans to do what they love to do. By enjoying food from Nik’s Fudo you are also celebrating the multiple cultures and diversity of this city. Our Chefs come from different parts of the world and are currently living in Geneva. 

You can read more about our Chefs’ story in this section. More stories are coming soon.

Environment friendly

All our packaging materials are made from 100% environmentally friendly biodegradable materials. We use absolutely no plastic.

In addition, we have also done a collaboration/ crowd-funding campaign with SIG-Impact to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions.


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