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afro fusion (Cameroon/Swiss)


Yofina is an invitation to travel, the one that takes you from the Swiss mountains and lakes to the mountains and savannas of Cameroon. My cuisine is a mix of these two cultures, which I happily bring to you, in each plate.




J’ai toujours été passionnée par la cuisine et je m’occupais toujours de mes spécialités, comme les samosas. Cela a ouvert la voie pour devenir un traiteur à plein temps. Non seulement j’aime cuisiner, mais c’est aussi ma façon de me détendre. 

Buki (Caroline)

Afro Fusion (Nigeria/Swiss)


I am half Swiss and half Yoruba, from Nigeria. I’m passionate about food and providing tasty and healthy meals to firstly my four children, my husband, and then to my clients. My nickname is Buka Buki. Buka means street restaurant and Buki is my name in Yoruba. 



desenhado por Dionisio Codama
Sao Paulo, Brasil

I love to cook, and I got this passion from my mother. I only cook and serve what I myself eat at home. My business began 2 years back with the Global Fund for the African Diversity Day where one of my friends who had tried my food  recommended me. 

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