We bring authentic cuisines from around the world straight to your doorstep, home-cooked the way it was intended to be enjoyed. Savor traditional dishes from Nigeria, Korean, Morocco and many other destinations, made fresh to order and delivered by us, straight to you.

How Does it Work?

Every one of our meals is prepared with care by one of our Chefs, who home cook their meals in their very own kitchens. With one order, you can experience the rich taste of a new culture at work, or in your own home.

Find the meals that appeal to you and order via our website or through the mobile app "Pinstove".


We are mindful of our planet. All our packaging materials are made from 100% eco-friendly biodegradable materials. We use no plastic.

Certified Safe

All of our Chefs prepare meals in accordance with the Geneva food health standards and safety requirements.


Enjoy delicious food knowing that through your support you are empowering and giving opportunities to local artisans

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Customer Reviews

by Michael on Nik's Fudo
Simply excellent food

Hats off to Nik's Fudo and the fabulous meal I had with them a few weeks back! I had an amazing gluten free meal from their Cameroonian/Swiss chef, Yofina! Even the dessert was gluten free....yummy Chocolate Samosas! Everything was delicious and I look forward to ordering another great meal again very soon :-)

by Tensai on Nik's Fudo
Excellent food

Food was flavorful and hot on delivery. The Afro fusion dish I had was a nice break from the usual restaurants around town. I’d highly recommend it to anyone.


by Colm on Nik's Fudo
Gluten Free with Flavor!

Excellent food, and full of flavor. The first time I've had gluten free chocolate-filled samosas. Yum! The quinoa noodles were excellent too. Bravo!

by Janis on Nik's Fudo
Gourmet pizza with a twist!

Ordered in pizza for movie night, and was delighted with the unusual and delicious tricolore! One of the best pizzas I’ve ever had!

by Harshini on Nik's Fudo
And then there was Wolof Rice

We were lucky enough to be treated to an amazing rice dish from Senegal recently when invited to dinner. Having lived in Africa and traveled a bit I suppose I thought it would be similar to the flavorful dishes tasted there. What arrived was the Senegalese dish Thieboudienne (Wolof Rice). Delicious is an understatement to the culinary experience it presented. Being a sea food fan, I was doubly gratified to find this delicately flavored fish dish most exquisite.
Niksfudo you are unreservedly recommended!